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As the 4th most populous country globally, Indonesia has many talents who have careers and work abroad in overseas well-known studios and are also involved in many best AAA PC and Console titles.

Some of these best talents returned to Indonesia and combine the strength of each other and formed a gaming company with a vision and mission to create games that gamers around the world can enjoy.

We believe that a Good To Great company starts from the best team and our “hedgehog concept” of our strength and differentiation. Great games also start to form a close-knit relationship between developers and gamers, bonding together and making a good game studio. With the strong fundamental of a company, we will grow organically and inorganically, including “blitzscaling” this company at the right moment and right time and partnership with the right partner globally. 




Meet the team


Managing Director

Lisun is an entrepreneur with proven track record in managing companies from zero to one and makes tremendous growth by combining organic and inorganic growth.
With “Good To Great” principles, he manages with neat and systematic, including seeing the potential of “blitzscaling” the company at the right time. Experience also as commissioner and CFO and turn the company from Semi Medium Enterprises to a Privately Held Corporation.  Skilled in Business Development, Business Model, Monetizing, Investment, Business Strategy, and Corporate Finance.


Game Programmer

Fathur, have been working on both casual and hardcore indie titles for over 10 years. He has a proven track record in programming from Unity and Unreal Engine by involving in many titles of games that launch from Indonesia. 

As a programmer, he was continuously growing to enhance dynamically in game programming including porting to consoles and switch.   


Game Designer

Yosua, graduated from the KDU UOW Game Development course. He acts as Game Designer, 3D Artist, and an avid gamer that creates and develops game for gamers. 

Since his young age, he has a passion for the game industry and keeps sharpening his skill and being involved early in Xelo Games and building this studio to the global stage. 




Game Director

Irfan, an experienced 3D Artist, previously working in well-known overseas studios and also was involved in AAA game titles like F1 and GRID 4.

Irfan keeps sharpening his skill and bringing differentiation in our game and studio, including implementing 3D technology like photogrammetry and ray tracing with Unreal Engine. 

Irfan is one of Indonesia’s talent that work overseas and goes back to Indonesia. With a partner and friend that he knows who has the same vision and mission, he builds Xelo Games Studio with clear differentiation and a “hedgehog concept” to compete on the global stage.

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